Internet connection sucking

I’ve noticed a while ago that my Internet connection likes to be unreliable. This can range from being perfectly fine one moment, but then crapping out to 1.0 Mbps the next, unexpectedly. That only happens maybe once a month? though. Most times the signal strength goes from OK to Weak- weak enough to severely lag whatever game I’m playing and killing me. (Rubberbanding)

As a frequent player of various online games, this really, REALLY sucks. I know it’s not the game server that’s lagging, since everybody else is okay and moving. One particularly unfortunate moment I still harbour trace feelings of ANGER and RAGE for is when my connection died altogether, while working just fine up to that point. At the time I was playing Guild Wars, trying to unlock an outpost located in the middle of the Prophecies campaign. (Sanctum Cay going to Fisherman’s Haven via Stingray Strand) This area should have been no problem to get through, but then the game froze. “What now?” I wondered. I waited. And waited. And waited. Several minutes later, my character and my party were completely surrounded by a group of monsters who weren’t there before. I desperately tried to heal myself and retreat, but not before all my AI-controlled allies were completely slaughtered and I along with them.

“Oh, big deal,” you’re probably thinking right now. “So you died, so what?” The real problem here was that I was playing my Monk, who was my Survivor title character. What that means is you can’t die. Ever. Not before earning a set amount of XP points, you can’t die. I was pissed as hell. Grrr

I later found out that the ISP and some weird cabling connection thing going on in my parents’ room was to blame for this mess, that is, the connection completely dying on me when I needed it the least. No warning at all. The fact that we use wireless internet in this house may also have been part of the problem. (If I someday get an apartment or something, the Internet is going to be cabled, hands down.)

The reason I’m writing about this is because I think the connection decided to go and piss me off while I was going through a dungeon-mission in Guild Wars, repeatedly killing my party.

I hate wireless internet!



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