Lists of words

Adamant, clingy, inflexible, obstinate, resolute, stalwart, stubborn, frustrating, illogical, unchanging, closed minded, unfortunate circumstances, oblivious, absorbed, negligent, refusing, preoccupied, unwilling, myopic, reluctant, uncooperative, uninclined, not eager, evasive.

Forsaken, alone, confused, daze, rage, anger, unrest, agitated, distressed, in discord, uneasy, blue, dejected, crestfallen, dismal, hopeless, resentful, discouraged, facing defeat, downcast, unhappy, unsatisfied, lifeless, spiritless, quitting, resigning, collapsing, conceding, excluded, rejected, held back, holding back, suppressing, hiding, concealing, turmoil, torn, vetoed, lonely, melancholy, loser, nobody.


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