So I Herd U Liek StarCraft 2

Surprisingly, I kinda got into the StarCraft 2 beta around the time when the testing was coming to a close. I got super excited for the retail release and bought the game on launch day. Didn’t pre order so I didn’t get a poster or mousepad or anything, but now I’m so into the whole StarCraft thing. I am proud that I now understand everything that replay commentators are talking about versus when I didn’t get anything other than “OH BATTLE GOING ON HERE! PEWPEWPEW!”

And I also improved lots in a short period of time. I was just promoted to Gold in the last ladder games I played. (Got disconnected from my last placement match so I got stuck in Silver, possibly for the better) My biggest victory yet was probably when I fought back against a Cannon Rush and continued on to win the game, Terran (me) vs Protoss. I’m still smiling about that one.

Also anything past 1v1 is lame. Except custom games.

And the AI cheats. I swear it.


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