Borderline Audiophile

Last night I was looking for new music to play StarCraft II to.

In particular I was searching for game/movie/anime soundtracks, electronic music, techno, trace, that kind of thing.

On YouTube there’s a bunch of videos with the exact same song and I ended up comparing two videos for sound quality instead of picking the first video I found.

It’s because I’m borderline audiophile; if I had the money I’d be looking into getting myself a pair of quality music headphones. I also encode all my music into AAC, not mp3, and with bitrate at 320. Last Christmas I wanted a new set of 2.1 speakers for my computer. I avoid bad quality music files like the plague and actually buy CDs when I can.

If you’re perfectly fine with listening to music that sounds muffled, low fidelity and sounds like you’re underwater…
I’m sorry, but we can’t be friends anymore.


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