New monitor and graphics card GET!

I got my new 24” LCD monitor and my Radeon HD6850 today and they’re so GOOD. I now have a 1920×1080 resolution (for those who I lost right there, it means ‘big screen’ and ‘full 1080p HD’) meaning I can now Fraps in full HD if I so desired, not that I actually would, because then the files would be just so fat and there’d be so many of them… Don’t quote me on that, but I’ll probably record in half-size.

But, the BEST part is that my computer hasn’t freezed yet! It WAS the graphics card, piece of crap! >:(

Should use the warranty on the thing and then sell the card I get back or something. I know people who’d like a new graphics card… being able to use it at full potential is another question.


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