Skype + Fraps Recording, Yes I Think So

EDIT: This post is old! It probably won’t help you. Why are so many of you having problems? Maybe I’ll make a new post if I’m feeling bored.

So Yes, I have _finally_ discovered a way to achieve how to do the following:

1.) Record Fraps (game video)
2.) Record game sound
3.) Record my microphone
4.) Record a Skype conversation
5.) Be able to be heard on Skype
6.) Avoid annoying everyone on Skype with my own game sounds

Yeah, aren’t I awesome? I don’t actually know how I didn’t figure this out before.

So this is what I did: (I have Realtek sound drivers)

Went into Realtek HD Audio Manager and under all the device/volume slider things (Mixer tab), I enabled Multi-Stream Recording by clicking the little wrench button under Recording.

While this disables Realtek HD Audio Input, it also gives you some new input devices: HDA Primary Input, and Mic In At Front (Pink). HDA Primary Input works pretty much exactly like the default HD Audio Input, recording your mic in, stereo mix (which is What-You-Hear, including any music you play, computer beeps and boops, game sounds, Skype, etc), and that stuff.

Mic In At Front, however, does not include your Stereo Mix, and only gets input from your mic that’s plugged into the front panel. Yusss. So you set your Skype microphone to Mic In At Front and you can talk on Skype, and people won’t be able to hear everything else on your computer!
Previously I had to use HD Audio Input and disable Stereo Mix to do this, so you could only have Stereo Mix OR the mic.

Then you have your Fraps set to record game video and sound. Have Fraps record the sound as well as the video so you don’t need another program running and sucking up resources. Set Fraps’s sound input to HDA Primary Input. (I’m running Windows XP so it’s stuck like that)

Then you go into your game and set all your volume levels to really low so later you can hear people over the WHOOOOOOSH of Protoss buildings warping in and all the guns and explosions and stuff.
For StarCraft II, I turned off some sounds that I don’t need or are distracting, such as Ambient Sounds and Music (distracting when talking with people, and I play my own music otherwise anyway)

I also set my graphics settings to lower than usual, especially all the ones that are CPU-heavy and things like 3D portraits and physics simulations. This is because I want to give Fraps as much CPU power as you can and maintain a good Frames per Second count, while still having a decent-looking game.

So basically Multi-Stream Recording, and then Fraps records everything while you don’t piss people off on Skype. Yay!

Testing this whole process is another story but it WILL work, because I have semi-tested it with Audacity!

What this means now is that hilarity will ensue as I record 3v3s and 4v4s that come with COMPLIMENTARY COMMENTARY AND BANTER, YEAH!


3 responses to “Skype + Fraps Recording, Yes I Think So

  1. Went into Realtek HD Audio Manager and under all the device/volume slider things (Mixer tab
    where is that for px22’s?

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