First gaming tournament: StarCraft II

On the weekend I attended a very small StarCraft II tournament hosted by my friend at the local internet cafe. It was the first ever gaming tournament I ever participated in, don’t mind that there were like 9 people there.

Crushed my first opponent who wasn’t very good (Bronze 1v1 with only a few games played, he played mostly 2v2s)

and got rolled by my second opponent, who was a Platinum 1v1 Terran. I tried to go for some quick aggression before the second game devolved into tank/viking in my great wisdom but sieged tanks on the high ground quickly ruined my day. Gosh I’m stupid.

Oh well. My TvT sucks anyway. Why people are winning against me with stupid things like mass marines and pure mass MMM I do not know. Need more practice.

I have all the replays from the tournament. I was planning on casting them to make it up for being a lazy bum to my hosting friend but I need to find the time first. Hopefully my nice microphone decides to work properly too because I’d like to use that instead of my headset.


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