First Day of Uni

Yesterday doesn’t count because it was orientation day, where the highlight was the free lunch.

Set my alarm clock for 6:20 AM and my iPod’s alarm for 6:30. Mom came and woke me up at 6:15, before both of my alarms, herperderp. Smeared some peanut butter on 2 slices of toast, had time to eat one, munching as fast as I could (you know how hard it is to ‘eat faster!’ with peanut butter toast!?). I left the other one on the plate all by its lonely self :( and ran out the door to catch the bus.

Target bus to catch: the 7:30 bus at Brentwood station. Dad says it’d take the same time to skytrain from Sperling station to Brentwood as it would take him to drive me straight to Brentwood so I say fine, I’ll skytrain from Sperling.

As I’m entering the lower level of the station I hear a train coming. Was it the one I needed? Turned out it was, and right when I reached the top of the escalator (running up with an overpacked backpack) the train left. Quite annoying. And then looking at the time, I saw I’d missed the 7:30 because I wasn’t on that train.

Next train took too long to come, probably a full 5 minutes afterward. I got to the bus loop and waited 15 minutes for the next bus while listening to a 30-minute loop version of this:

All the seats on the bus were already taken when the bus arrived. Evidently Translink needs to put the long buses on circulation for the university in the morning because 3/4’s of the stops had lines at least 6 people long and there wasn’t room for them to get on. At the exchange bus loop the line for the bus to the university was ridiculously long, as long as it was on orientation day when all the first year students went all at the same time. Sucks to be them :P

Hopped off the bus, hiked up the hill (at least it felt like it, early in the morning with my frickin’ fat backpack) and found my first classroom of the day without trouble. There were people already waiting outside the computer lab (for the computer animation course) and some dude with a key let us in, but then there was no teacher. I was thinking the teacher was late or something until someone stumbled upon a note on the website that said lab classes wouldn’t start until the following week, a memo which apparently about 20 of us didn’t get. So I left to run my errands.

I had to get myself a school ID card and my U-Pass. The other days I went, there were lines an hour long that trailed outside in the heat so I didn’t bother waiting. Today the office had a line consisting of about 5 people. Yeh! Once I had my ID (which was kinda hot out of the machine) I went to the U-Pass vending machine and picked that up. Easy.

Next stop was the bookstore, because I needed to buy the custom published textbook for my Math class and it hadn’t arrived yet when I looked before. Apparently you could rent the textbook instead of buying and selling it back, but then you needed a credit card… meh.

Then I had about 2 more hours to kill, so I sat around for a bit and rested. I crammed a bunch of binders and books and paper thinking “just in case” and that I had 3 classes but NO, there was only 2. On top of that I had the Math textbook I just bought. Thank goodness it isn’t hardcover.

Besides sitting around I wandered in circles, because there’s nowhere to go on the campus and you end up right where you started wandering. I also went to the library and browsed TeamLiquid in hopes that there was an interesting thread or two to read but not really. Come on, Internet, why won’t you amuse me.

When the time came to finally go to English class I took a frontish seat a bit off to the side in the smallish classroom because I’m determined to get really good grades. Hopefully this determination lasts, for my sake. The teacher professor dude seems cool enough. To break the ice a bit he made us do an informal impromptu debate where the topic was “Everyone should become a vegetarian!” I was on the In Favour side. I think the Against side won by a slight margin because of those two guys who kept talking… n’ stuff.

Headed right to Math after English, where most of the class was already seated, so I took the vacant frontish seat off to the sideish again… because I want to do well. I think I almost dozed off when the teacher was talking though so that’s not good. Need tea/caffeine/more sleep.. probably some tea or something during my break would help. Or was it maybe because i hadn’t eaten lunch yet?

The grading is a bit different from high school. There’s plus and minus grades, as well as a D grade. 80% is no longer a B, it’s an A-. 85% is an A, and 90% is an A+. It doesn’t make that much of a difference because if you’re aiming for an A then you still need 85-86%. Then again, I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten an 85% in high school which equates to a B. Shiiiii. Fuuuuu.

I bought a ham and cheese sandwich on my way out. It’s so hot this week, I hate it. Bumped into Cyrus and Mackenzie at Brentwood waiting for the skytrain home.

And then I was pooped. Exhausted. I blame the heat and my overly heavy and fat backpack weighing me and my shoulders down all day long.

And that was my first day of uni.. quite uneventful… Hope I make some new friends.. Hope some people play StarCraft! >.>

Should sleep… 8:30 class tomorrow…


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