SC2: Hit a wall. A very, very high wall.

In the past few days I’ve been going so hard on the ladder to try and get ‘hardcore practice time’ in. I’m also trying to get into Diamond.

I can’t win against Diamond players and these one-basing scrubs are pissing me off so much. TvT is so dumb and Protoss is overpowered and Zerg is like mass zerling baneling lololol.

Terran requires so much mechanical skill and you need to be playing your best 100% of the time because if you look away for a moment from your army, banelings will crash into you, you’ll get psi-stormed, colossi will melt your army, or mutalisks will kill your tanks.

Protoss plays in one big deathball style and from what I can tell they just 1-A 2-FFFF 3 TTT. Those last two are optional because Colossi are really good. (sentry’s forcefield, high templar’s psi-storm)

Zerg is like dronedronedronedronedronedronedronedrone LINGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS banelingbanelingbanelingbanelingbaneling 1-A 2-A. Army control consists of running things back when you don’t want to engage yet and right clicking with banelings instead of attack moving.

ALSO frickin Protoss one-base strategies are 1.) hard to scout and 2.) super damn powerful. I don’t 1/1/1 on the ladder because I’m not learning much if I do that. Everything looks like the exact same thing. A 4-Gate looks the same as a 1-Gate gas expand, a 3-Gate Robo Immortal bust looks like a 3-Gate expand. The difference between Terran and Protoss 1-base strategies is that Protoss 1-bases are just so strong. Instant reinforcements, too! They basically get their gateways at whatever time they damn well please so one strategy looks the exact same as the next. They can do this because proxy pylons make travel time to the opponent’s base negligible.
A 3-Rax stim timing from Terran works up to Gold league and after that people are good enough to defend it easily. A forcefield on the ramp makes it impossible to attack any Protoss who hasn’t expanded yet.
1/1/1 is very strong but it doesn’t let me practice a straight up game. If I really wanted to ‘play to win’ instead of ‘playing to get better’ I’d be 1/1/1-ing every single Protoss I see.
What about Protoss? They get Immortals and gateway units and sometimes even an observer to lolattackupyourramp with extra extra damage versus armored things. People don’t want to do a Fast Expand because they’re douches who want fast, easy wins.

Basically I don’t feel like I’m making any progress. I’m probably burning myself out. BUT I WANT DIAMOND SO BAD. I feel like I can do it; I’m not a bad player and I’ve been winning a few games against Diamond players. Not many, but still some. Diamond isn’t even considered great; it’s considered to be the league where you’re ‘decent at the game’. -.-

Also Final Fantasy XIII is a boring game, but I play it because it looks pretty and because I want to see what happens next. >< (see: .hack, .hack//G.U.)

Maybe I’ll play Bioshock… or maybe I should go finish Twilight Princess. Whatever it is, I think I need to take a bit of a break.


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