Legibility is overrated?

F these website, blog and tumblr layouts where you can’t frickin’ read anything on the damn page.

“You need more contrast.”

You can’t do light grey on white, you can’t do white on light grey, you can’t do light grey on a slightly darker grey, you can’t do white on anything that’s not black or at least DARK, you can’t have a dark background and dark blue text, and you can’t do the same colour on the exact same colour except a little bit darker. Have these people ever tried to read their own pages?! I’ve seen blue on blue and pink on pink. What. the shit.

And what gave these people the idea that a frickin’ repeating complex background image would look ok without backgrounds for their text or with transparent text boxes?! Their text is often something retarded like black or dark blue, too! White doesn’t work either because all you can see is aslfjljwoeirhohcvjbnoheatowhekjckvnbwrto;fhgoawhf;l against a tiling background of some shit that was never meant to be used as a background for anything, ever.

Make your text big enough to read, too! HOLYCRAP

If I need to highlight your text in order to read it, then you’re doing it wrong!
If I need to copy your text and paste it somewhere else in order to read it, leave the Internet, go sit in the corner, and think about your life. (see: microscopic text, dark blue text on a dark blue background, so when you highlight in blue, you still can’t frickin’ see anything)

This isn’t 1999 anymore!


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