Teaching and Advice

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Well not necessarily in the case of SC2 LOLOLOL or a lot of other things, I’d bet!

Here, look at this forum thread. The OP clearly has very little clue as to how to play this game, judging from his video, and his posts. Yet, all these people are chiming in with stuff like

“Oh, you should try 1Rax Expanding”

“Do 5rax: 10 Depot, 12 Rax, Orbital Command, Rax Rax Rax Rax”

“You have to scout!”

and this guy…

“As somebody who’s played 3 hours of sc2 a day for a year straight now.

I can honestly say. Play 5 latter games a day and focus on a deadly calm macro and crispness to your play. Don’t rage and try to get use to the stress and adrenaline as calm and clean play is so key to sc2.”

What does this even mean? To the newbie, this guy’s post will mean EVEN LESS than what it does to me. Obviously the guy is low enough level to not know what macro is, or what a roach is called (“acid-spewing guys”) or what reactors are called (“double pumps”)

Now, getting to the point I want to make, is that just because you do a thing, such as play StarCraft II, doesn’t mean you can teach it.

Just because you play the guitar doesn’t mean you can teach it. “Oh put your finger here, this is a tab, see the numbers..”

You see what I mean? Almost all of these guys are not good at giving advice. They are not good teachers because they are getting way ahead of themselves, and forgetting that more seasoned doers of a thing often have knowledge we take for granted… in the case of SC2, an example is how to read a build order, and the importance of simple, basic macro skills.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more Math to do.


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