Transit complaining, and Old people on transit

What’s with these old people on public transit? They seem to think they’re entitled to cut in front of me when getting on the bus. Every. Time.

Like okay old people, I know you’re old and probably want a seat, but I WAS THERE FIRST AND CLEARLY IN FRONT OF YOU, DAMMIT.

I hate how I can be the first one at the bus stop but not the first one getting on the bus. What the shit is this rumpus? Mygod.

I hate how all the bus times line up so I always miss the bus by like 1-2 minutes, or even worse, by seconds. The worst feeling is when the skytrain pulls into the station and you can see your bus driving off through the windows.
When this happens (and 6/10 times it will happen), I just walk home because it’s faster. Isn’t that sad? I walk home in 15 minutes versus waiting for the next bus which takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

I really don’t get why people are in a hurry to catch the 144 buses to SFU/Metrotown because the damn things come like every 10 minutes, no joke. “OH GOTTA RUN TO CATCH THE BUS.” Calm down, your buses show up more often than fucking Zubats in caves.

I also assume all bus drivers are jerks and that all bus drivers are retarded, meaning I make a point of pulling the Next Stop bell I need to get off at a bus loop or skytrain station. Buses are supposed to stop at skytrain stations but there was a time when the driver drove around the bus loop and kept going without stopping at all. Me, and like 2 other people looked at each other in confusion.

Then when the bridge to school is not available the buses like to do one of three things:

  1. Cut bus service shorter so Bus #X on route A that goes to terminus station Z will act like Bus #X on route A and only go to terminus station Y.
  2. Stop operating altogether. Reaction: “Where is the bus?”
  3. Derp around, which ends up in the bus that is supposed to go on route A, going OFF route A and onto route HERP until the problem on the bridge is fixed.That time pissed me off.

I also never thank the driver anymore because they’re all jerks, remember?

I still don’t drive because waste of gas.


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