For the money

What would you do for a chance at $5k? Your chances are much much greater than winning the lottery, don’t worry about that.

The idea of $5k was enough to persuade me to go into an audition room for a commercial. Dunno which company it is, but they didn’t want anyone’s headshot photos, resume, or anything. They were looking for university-age looking people, and in particular Chinese undergrad-looking people. Hey, that’s me! Considering that they had to hire a bunch of people , I look different from the typical Asian/Chinese student, and that there are not as many Asian actors as others (Caucasian), I figured I’d have to be dumb to not give it a shot, even though acting… really isn’t my thing at all.

I measure money in terms of computers… So you could buy at least 3 nice computers with $5k.

Also tall people are tall


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