Guild Wars 2 is so good!

This weekend is the first Guild Wars 2 public beta weekend, open to everyone who pre-purchased the game. The game still has a lot of problems but the gameplay itself is awesome.

Also the art is awesome. The art may be the very best thing about this game, oh my god is it amazing.

If the WvW on the server I’m on wasn’t so fucking one-sided because of the ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF PEOPLE ON DARKHAVEN SERVER fucking Reddit people it’d be great too. I played maybe half an hour of WvW and the whole time we were defending our single, last remaining Keep or base. With a force of maybe 15-20 people. Versus an invading army of like 25-30. I don’t know the actual numbers and I’m bad at estimating but we looked outnumbered to me.

In fact it was like ~75k vs ~8k vs ~8k. Oh yeah. Greeeat.

Server transfer gogo. Still can’t get into Crystal Desert. TL HAD to pick an overpopulated server huh…

Ok so what happened was I posted this post, and then tried to go looking for screenshots to illustrate how ridiculous WvW numbers can be. Well, turns out one of my spammed server transfer things I did earlier actually happened several hours later, so now I was in some other server. Ok, so server transferring works. This doesn’t help when Crystal Desert is FULL and doesn’t let anyone else in.

Erpaderp. No lulzy screens for u.


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