Song of the Day #16

I maxed out my 16GB iPod last night. I tried to sync about half a GB over capacity.

So I went and took off a bunch of apps I don’t use and games that are awful each in their own ways, and took off a few albums I basically never listen to. (Classic rock stuff, mostly.)

I downloaded so much Touhou stuff eheheheh.

Oh today we’re going to have a Touhou remix. Surprise! But it’s not just any remix, it’s an entire frickin’ SET MIX. And it’s HOUSE. An entire SET of HOUSE remixes that are ALL MIXED TOGETHER oh it’s so AWESOME YEAH

If you don’t play Touhou (or know what it is, for that matter), you might not know where one song ends and the other starts (the video helps a lot with this) but you can still enjoy because who the hell needs to know where the music ‘comes from’? If you’re a fan of trance, house, etc you’ll especially love this.

House Set of Perfect Cherry BlossomRin

More where this came from :D


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