Song of the Day #19 & Pokemon Blue

I still remember when I first got my Pokemon Blue Gameboy game when I was like 5 or whenever. (How specific, I know)

My cousins and I played the hell out of Pokemon Red and Blue. What I remember best is how we had Gamesharks and used them to get whatever Pokemon we wanted, and how we abused the Missingno glitch to get infinite Master Balls, Full Restores, and stat booster vitamin items.

However, one thing that Gamesharks and duplicating items didn’t give you is knowledge of how to give your Pokemon good movesets, so I had a LV100 Blastoise with Hydro Pump, Surf, Mega Punch, and Strength. My Mew (also LV100) had Fly, Mega Punch, Strength, and Psychic. Yeap. It never occurred to me that maybe I should’ve given them better moves since I only ever used Surf for Blastoise and Psychic for Mew in my Pokemon Stadium battles.

Eventually my cartridge stopped working and now it doesn’t even start up, which was super disappointing. Ah well, there’s always the power of emulators, I guess.

Needless to say, music from Pokemon Red and Blue are another thing that has the ability to hit me with srs nostalgiahammer. One could even say… they were light-years ahead of their time (see what I did there? I forced that one pretty hard)

So you could probably guess what I was feeling like when I heard this one:

The Mighty Mighty Pokemon – Level 99 (for OverClocked ReMix)

On an unrelated note, I got accepted to SFU.

I’m both happy and terrified.

Of the math and the difficulty of the courses ahead of me.

I shall steel myself, now onward forward gogogo!


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