Song of the Day #21

Riku’s Theme from Kingdom Hearts II OST.

One week till Dream Drop Distance is released in NA. Looks like I’m going to have to get it; thankfully we have a 3DS already.

At first I thought that nobody can upload Riku’s Theme and not screw it up somehow, for some reason. If a quick search turns up nothing but crap, what you do is filter your search results for HD, and if that doesn’t work, filter by ascending upload date. What I bet happens is that people download shitty mp3’s of these songs and then reupload them to YouTube, which means the mp3 has to be re-encoded and even more quality is lost.

Anyway, I found a decent one.

Riku – Yoko Shimomura

By the way, the theme is titled simply ‘Riku’, ya noobs


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