Song of the Day #23 & Dubstep

I know I just said I wanted to avoid consecutive days of the same artist/same kind of song but remixes aren’t going to count.

I don’t listen to that much dubstep, mainly because… it all sounds the same! That stupid high pitched voice you always hear doesn’t do anything to help, either. It’s like the voice in nightcore or happy-hardcore music which is almost all pretty awful to listen to. Also, I find that people like to slap distorted sounds and WUBWUBWUB onto whatever they feel like and then call it a remix.Then their video gets a few hundred thousand hits and everyone thinks it’s amazing but in reality they’ve just created a travesty.

“Hey I’m going to make a dubstep remix of this song and after the 1:00 minute mark I’m going to ignore the original song in its entirety and make TeH dRoP and WUBWUBWUBWUB and it’s gonna sound liek something completely different and unrelated and it’s gonna be the best!!!11”

However, this is quite well done! Everybody Breaks A Glass (and Lights’s voice) certainly lends itself well to dubstep… or is it just Dead Battery being good at not ruining a good song?

Everybody Breaks A Glass (Dead Battery Remix) – Lights/Dead Battery

I think I prefer to see arrange-style remixes (ie TOUHOU) rather than “re-invent the song” remixes… Dem noobs don’t get it


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