eReaders, stuff & Song of the Day #38

I bought an eBook reader- a Kobo Glo, specifically.

It occurred to me that there’s a lot of free fan-translated light novels and such to be found online, and that I was missing out. I mean, I consider myself to be an avid Suzumiya Haruhi fan and yet I haven’t read the novels because reading books off a webpage is just painful. Bright LCD monitor, no formatting, no pictures in the text…

So now my eReader is becoming my new favourite handheld thing. I’m reading the Haruhi novels and Sword Art Online, which is pretty dang good so far, yo.

Although, there’s no eReaders with the full set of features that I’d like. Kobo Glo has the best resolution of any e-ink reader yet, which is good for pictures (light novels, yknow), but doesn’t have .PDF re-flow/reformatting. I also haven’t heard of a reader available in NA that supports Asian languages and characters and stuff. (There’s some blank boxes in the editor’s notes in the Haruhi novels, which must be kana or kanji)


I’m now in possession of that Intel motherboard that I won from EG. I just hope I can sell it… and for something decent!


Japanese pop-rock- YUI isn’t the most amazing singer but I like her. There’s a kind of honesty and feeling in her music.

Umbrella – YUI


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