You Don’t Know About Power Supplies (or, The Internet Is PSU-Retarded)

Bored today, and had my phone and my e-reader. Hey, let’s surf Reddit! Entertain me, Internet!

Thanks to /r/buildapc for the content for today’s post.

"Why is my FPS so low?"

“Why is my FPS so low?” with a Radeon HD 7950

I wonder where they pulled the number 370 from?

This is the first time I’ve heard of..
Is that even correc….
Actually, I don’t even anything here

“380 watts is definitely not enough! You’re probably not getting enough power, you need 500w MINIMUM!”

The disbelief is so overwhelming, he can’t even contribute anything useful!

Notice how all these people are saying the exact same thing?
They’re all WRONG

What is the greatest of his worries? Hint: It’s not degradation

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we see all three numbers are less than 380W in a test that pushes the computer harder than you ever will with normal use. HEYOOO

Oh that was fun! The actual problem was that the card has two 6-pin sockets to plug the power supply into, but only plugged in 1. Mhmmmm that’s not an obvious problem at all EH?

But wait I’ve got another one for you:

“Is 450W enough?” is a fair question, so let’s see the responses!

I dunno about that one, man:

Graphics card-only power consumption, also in a test that pushes your system more than regular use.
164W is almost half of 300W. lol.

So going with that guy’s logic, 164W (graphics card) + 125W (CPU TDP) = 289W… Not cutting it close at all for 450W!

Aaaaand total system power consumption in a test that blah blah blah…
As you can see, 450W is more than enough

Conclusion: don’t trust 90% of people on the Internets for your computer power supply inquiries

Getting a bigger power supply than you need is not exactly a BAD thing, it’s just that there’s those poor souls who will take these nerds’ advices and spend money that they didn’t have to. (waste)


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