Late night snacks and Alaskan king crab dinner!

Last night I went with a bunch of friends to see the new GI Joe movie. I thought it was decent for an action movie.

Afterwards we went to Sushi Elephant (yeah, you’re reading that right) for a bite to eat. AL and I weren’t that hungry (or so we thought), so we agreed to let me order some appetizers to share between us. Pictures ahead!

The only thing AL wanted specifically was takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls)- which I love as well :D We both wished there were more octopus in them, but they were alright.
The other dish in this picture is chicken karaage (deep fried chicken). It came with a yellow sauce that was like honey mustard and mayo mixed together or something.


I kept forgetting to take the pictures as they arrived to the table- so that’s why you only see 3 pieces of takoyaki on the dish.

Evidently, I’m a noob at iPhone photos and didn’t realize you actually have to wait for the camera to autofocus before you take a picture. My old phone had a shutter button that you could press halfway to get it to focus just like real cameras…

We got BBQ short ribs too, or “LA ribs” as they called it. I think this was actually a Korean-style dish but the place is Korean-run and in the middle of Koreatown so it’s basically a normal sort of thing around here.


Another late, slightly blurry iPhone photo. It’s NEVER TOO LATE to take pictures of your food!

The last dish to arrive was the soft-shell crab. Usually when I order this at other places they don’t actually give you the entire crab (or at least, not in one piece). So when I saw the crab in its entirety, I didn’t know what to do with it for a moment. But of course you can do anything with chopsticks so I split it in half and then took a picture of it because unlike some people, taking pictures of my food is not (yet) a natural thing for me to do.


Half a soft-shell crab

I think I like it the way other places do soft-shell crab better… Or maybe this crab was just small. I didn’t realize I ordered mostly deep-fried stuff until afterward. hue oh well

And this evening I went for Alaskan king crab dinner! ^^ One of the best parts of Chinese cuisine- and of living in Vancouver xD
I get super excited when it’s time for the annual king crab dinner- it’s that good.


My noob is in the way of the best photo, I know, shut up


Steamed Alaskan king crab with garlic- my favourite! (nooby blurred picture)

They came out with like 3 plates of this stuff. (11 pound crab) It was awesome the way it just kept coming and coming.


Spicy deep-fried Alaskan king crab- too much batter for my liking


This is Chinese style Portuguese curry sauce over Alaskan King Crab fried rice served in the crab’s head. Spicy. FYI: Does not look this unappetizing IRL.

There was a lot more food that was ordered for us, but I only took pictures of the crab dishes because why would I eat anything else when there was so much of this curry crab fried rice? (Also because I didn’t eat much of said other stuff at all, since I was too busy EATING CRAB, MAN)

Let us take the time to thank the brave fishermen who risk their lives fishing for Alaskan king crab @_@


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