My Food is on Fire

Well, we went back to Sushi Elephant for dinner tonight. (I’m thinking we’re going to end up being regulars here, at this rate)

I ordered Ebi Mayo, which is deep fried shrimp with a mayonnaise sauce, and the “Flaming Dragon Roll”, which had real crab, smoked salmon, and cucumber, with unagi on top.

And it was on fire. (Not actually on fire, but there was fire on my plate, see below)

flaming dragon roll 1

flaming dragon roll 2
I really just wanted to see what a sushi roll with real crab in it tasted like, as well as to order something different, because trying new food is cool.

It was ok, but it was kinda pricey ($15) and IMO the unagi and its sauce sort of overpowered the crab and salmon.

When I finally get to use my gift voucher thing for this other sushi place, we’re going all-out. Mark my words. @_________________@


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