What? League of Legends? What an awful communityYou’ve never played it like this before!

lol ok so

There is this website called Ultimate Bravery, which is a ‘different’ way to play the game League of Legends. Basically you hit the button on the website and it generates a random build of items for a random champion, complete with random summoner skills and which skill you’re supposed to level up first. Consequently, of course you’re going to get a build that is very, very far off from the way you’re ‘supposed to play’ your chosen champion, and usually the items don’t synergize or make any sort of sense. But, that’s why it’s fun(ny)!

I elected to generate random builds for my favourite character, Kirisame MarisaLux, who has the coolest move in the game, MasterFinal Spark. Srsly, lasers.

Additionally, you’re supposed to not buy wards, and either announce Ultimate Bravery in-game or copy and paste your Bravest Build that you’ve been dealt. Personally, I prefer the battle cry style, i.e.

[All] AngryLeaguePeasant : stfu

Today a friend invited me to play some ULTIMATE BRAVERY with him and I was down. Hilarity ensued, along with confused questions from our team regarding our seemingly poor choice in skills and items, and accusations of being bad.

It’s OK. League peasants, pls.

ultimate bravery

Easy game is easy



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