I held a Smash Bros tournament! :D fun fun

Super Smash Bros is coming back to popularity, and it’s growing at a crazy fast rate. It’s even coming back to MLG! (Melee’s last year at MLG was 2006, and Brawl was featured in 2010.)

Recently, I organized a friendly Project M tournament at my house. Everyone had a ton of fun, and it was great to see all of my high school friends again. It was a bonus that several of them are at around my skill level, or better!

We took a few videos with a camera pointed at the TV. You can find them here.
I might need some real recording equipment now, hah.

Now I need to really get good! *___* Play more, practice more, and train more!

PS: If you haven’t watched “The Smash Brothers” documentary yet, set aside 4.5~ish hours and geeeeeeet gooooooooooing!


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