Hearthstone: 10 tips every new player should know

Hearthstone logo

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s newest game, is in open beta! I’ve already been playing a little bit before open beta hit, and it’s really fun! If you enjoy collectible trading card games at all, like Magic: The Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh, or if you like strategy games, you should definitely check it out. Here’s a few things I always tell new players.

  1. After you finish the tutorial, play practice games against the innkeeper until all your classes are level 10.
    You want to do this to get all the free “basic” cards for all the classes, and to learn how the game and the different heroes work. If you don’t have all the basic class cards, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage when you go to Constructed or Play! Mode.
  2. Once you’ve beaten all 9 classes in practice mode, you get a gold bonus.
    More reason to hold off on jumping right into PvP!
  3. You get another gold bonus when you’ve beaten all 9 Expert classes in practice mode.
    Expert AI is unlocked after you’ve beaten all the classes in practice mode at least once.
  4. Start making your own decks ASAP.
    Even if you’re still doing practice games, you’ll want to start adding in the new cards you’ve earned. The default starter decks just flat out suck, there’s no denying it. Start substituting better cards as soon as you can, and it’ll help make the AI games go smoother.
  5. Save your gold for Arena.
    The urge to spend the new gold you’ve earned from beating the innkeeper 18 times on booster packs will be strong, but try your hardest to resist for now. Save that gold so once you’ve got a hang of the game, you can pay the 150G entry fee to play in the Arena, Hearthstone’s Drafted Mode. In Arena, you’re guaranteed at least 1 booster pack, whether you win any games or not.
  6. Do your quests!
    Every day you’ll get quests, which are objectives you can complete as you play games to earn gold. If you’re a free player like me, gold is the only way you’ll get new and better cards, so quests are extremely important to do.
  7. Use the Coin wisely.
    Whatever you do, do NOT use the Coin on turn 1 to use your Hero Power. Just don’t. Please.
  8. Don’t use Goldshire Footman.
    He sucks.
  9. Generally, focus on clearing his board of minions before you attack the Hero.
    Board control is key! Don’t be afraid to trade and sacrifice minions. To be a good player is about knowing how to make good trades and control the battlefield.
  10. Life is a just resource until it’s 0
    This is something to note if you play a class that uses weapons. Weapons are extremely useful for killing enemy minions. Don’t be afraid of taking 2 or 3 damage in order to kill something, because Life can be viewed as resource until it gets really low. After all, you’re only dead when it hits 0. At 30 Life? You’ve got plenty; go ahead and smack that dude with your Fiery War Axe. Of course you don’t want to attack something that will REALLY hurt you unless you’ve got no other choice, but go nuts with the small fry.

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