Watch_Dogs for PC likely to be poorly optimized, console versions not 1080p

Ubisoft seems to have some optimization issues...

Ubisoft seems to have some optimization issues…

As written on the Ubisoft developers blog, the upcoming game Watch Dogs will run at sub-1080p resolutions on next-gen consoles: 900p on PS4, and 792p on XB1. Both console versions will run at 30 frames per second. What a joke.

What about PC? Well…

Oh no…

There’s some information missing. What kind of frame rate does the GTX 670 get on Ultra? What are the anti-aliasing settings on? Does Ultra specifically mean ALL the settings are cranked? On some games, there is a difference between Ultra and Maximum.

More importantly, this is the Creative Director of Watch Dogs claiming that a high end PC with an i7 and a top of the line GTX 780ti will only get 50-60 FPS on Ultra, 1080p implied.

WHAAAT? Watch Dogs is either graphically AMAZING, or is another victim of Ubisoft’s famous PC game optimization. I’m willing to bet it’s the latter. Please let me be wrong.

I mean, I play games at 1440p with a GTX 780, so I hope my frame rate will be ok. (Higher than 30, closer to 60)

This was supposed to be a game developed for PC and then ported to consoles, so why is this happening?!


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