July 14 2014 ProjectBEST mini update

I’ve released a mini update for the bestest custom Project M pack. Here’s the notes:

– Arena Ferox over Castle Siege
– Moonlit Blue skin for Final Destination
– Balanced Pokemon Stadium replaced with Pokemon Stadium 1 Redux (with Ground v2 and Electric transformations)
– Project M Boxing Ring updates the Boxing Ring stage

– Expressive Kirby! (Facial expressions for Kirby)
– Newer Sakuya skin for Sheik.

– New Bravely Default songs for Pokemon Stadium 2, Final Destination; PokeRap moved to Pokemon Stadium 1
– Id ~ Purpose from Fire Emblem Awakening for Arena Ferox

– Made a “Wifi-Safe” set, as requested. (Not actually Wifi Safe, but allows for saving of replays.)
– Made several images more pretty, both in-game and on the ProjectBEST page.
– Rearranged the Stage Select Screen a bit:


I did this partly because of the unofficial Summer Map Pack that was put out. I agree that Green Hill Zone is a better starter than Yoshi’s Story anyway. Also, Skyworld is not too popular compared with the other stages, so it got switched with Distant Planet (Castle Courtyard), which sees play in Doubles. Lastly, everyone hates (I hate) Skyloft, so it got moved to Page 2.

Grab the pack and get more details HERE!


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