Return to Guild Wars 2: It’s not a dead game

In recent news, ArenaNet announced the first expansion to Guild Wars 2. (Finally)

A new class and another dragon to kill. I’ve begun playing GW2 again, returning after some significant updates to the game, including the Megaserver patch. Contrary to what people might think, Guild Wars 2 is far from dead.

RitualistRevenant hype

Since Living Story season 1 was a mess and the overviews for Living Story S2 didn’t exactly hype it up as much as they should have, I wasn’t too excited about the Living Story content as they were rolled out. (The overview posts made it sound like “here’s more stuff to do! …While you wait for something significant to happen!”)

But, when I came back, I played the last episode of Living Story season 2, “Point of No Return” and it was actually decent, if you ask me. Other players have told me that while Living Story S2 starts off sort of weak, the last few episodes are good. Though I’m cheap, (if you didn’t log in and play the Living Story episodes when they came out, they’re now locked behind a paywall) so I just got the summary version of events from some YouTube videos and the Wiki.

Why’d they have to blow up Lion’s Arch, though…

Anyway, it seems this expansion’s story will revolve around the Sylvari and the jungle dragon Mordremoth. (Surprise! There are SIX Elder Dragons, not five! Apparently if you look around there’s some lore in the game that hinted towards a sixth dragon but I guess most people weren’t clever enough to notice, including me.)

Some spoilers ahead, if you care.


It was revealed that the Sylvari were actually supposed to be Mordremoth’s servants… so all the other races are on edge about them, as you might expect.
As a Sylvari player myself, I swear we’re not the bad guys. We’re just as shocked as you are!



But I’m happy my main is a Sylvari. Things should be interesting!

I also went and finished gearing up my Mesmer, as when I stopped playing I didn’t actually get my exotic weapons, trinkets, or runes. I also chose Soldier’s stats for my armour, which obviously won’t do for mostly-PvE-me.

In one of those updates while I was gone, Assassin’s stats were introduced (++Precision, +Power, +Ferocity), and according to some number-savvy people, Assassin’s gear is slightly better for Mesmers than the standard, go-to Berserker’s gear (++Power, +Precision, +Ferocity) because Mesmers excel at reflecting projectiles, and reflect damage can critically hit but doesn’t scale with power.

So I got me some Assassin’s armour. With my character already at level 400 Tailor, it didn’t take long at all:

Mesmer Assassins Set Also crafted an exotic backpack, as you can see there. Wasn’t sure whether to pick the one with the offensive or defensive infusion slot, but meh. The stats on infusions are so small anyway. I already had the ascended berserker’s amulet with utility infusion slot from when I bought it with laurels a long while ago.


Then I needed a set of exotic weapons. Being impatient and not wanting to wait for my Weaponsmith friend to come online, nor wanting to run dungeons until I got enough tokens to buy multiple weapons, I discovered that the weapon merchants in World vs World sold exotic weapons in the Bandit skin for about 1 gold and some Badges of Honor, which I actually had enough of to buy all the Berserker weapons I wanted. There, that was easy!

Still need to make a second accessory and I should also buy a torch for off-handing sometime. I haven’t really used off-hand torch a lot because it’s not that good in PvE compared to… everything else, but torch has the only Blast Finisher skill Mesmers have, and I should have one for utility’s sake anyway.

Dual wielding fiery dragon swords. Incredibly conspicuous, incredibly awesome. Is it safe for a plant person to be so close to such things all the time?

My Elementalist is on her way to 80. Edge of the Mists makes for extremely fast alt leveling! All you have to do is follow the big train of people and reap the rewards. (I strongly do not suggest doing Edge of the Mists on your first character with the intention of speed-leveling, as you will miss the great world exploration experience if you do so.)

There’s way too many skills to keep track of for Elementalists. I’m still trying to memorize what each of the skills do for each weapon for each element, and which ones provide combo fields and which ones are blast finishers… But sometimes you can’t just cast Field skill -> Blast skill because the timing is all off and the field runs out before the blast actually occurs?! I’ve been running around on scepter/focus recently and I just end up spamming all my skills and changing attunements whenever everything is on cooldown, and somehow I don’t think that’s the optimal way to play.

How many skills? Scepter main hand = 3 skills x 4 elements = 12, Dagger main hand = 3 skills x 4 elements = 12, focus off hand= 2 skills x 4 elements= 8, dagger off hand = 2 skills x 4 elements = 8, staff = 5 x 4 elements= 20

12 + 12 + 8 + 8 + 20 = 60 skills. At any one time, you have 5 x 4 = 20 weapon skills compared to 2 weapon sets x 5 skills = 10 skills.


Btw Lightning Hammer is a nice skill, it has good DPS

Ele lightning hammer

I take pride in having the #1 cutest character in all of Guild Wars 2; nobody else even comes close. Such kawaii desu ne

Elementalists are useful in WvW because of fields (regen and might), and cuz big AoE attacks compared to Mesmers. Maybe I’ll feel a bit less useless in WvW with an Ele than with a Mesmer -___- Especially in big zerg vs zerg fights. Mesmers so useless in zerg battles.
I’d like to learn organized WvW. I imagine it’s pretty epic. That would mean finding and joining a guild. Hmm.
Anyway, I’m saving my money for my Ele’s armour sets and weapons.

Speaking of money, what the heck is this:

invisible bag prices wtf

TEN GOLD MORE for TWO SLOTS EXTRA? What is this rumpus!

Expensive bags are expensive. Please someone fill my buy order. Or send me a 20 slot invisible bag.

As for the game: The megaserver feature is possibly the best thing to happen to Guild Wars 2 since release. You can always find people to play with, and if you make new friends with people who also play Guild Wars 2 you can play with them regardless of what server they’re on without guesting! Also thanks Anet for level 20 scrolls and minipet storage and account-wide dyes and the new LFG tool and making Magic Find not-a-stat.

Now find a way to make Healing Power not useless?

Also Cantha and Elona when?

Surprise arrow cart


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