A new mod for Watch_Dogs re-enables the graphics from the E3 demo

Many people were in an uproar when Watch_Dogs came out and compared to the demos at E3 2012/2013, the game didn’t look nearly as good as what was promised. Turns out, these graphics were disabled and were left in the code. A hacker hacked the game about hacking so now you can hack the way you were supposed to hack.

Bloom improvements.

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Update on the dotHack// fan MMO

A few years ago I wrote a post about my discovery of a fan-made .hack// MMORPG. However, if you tried the link today you would find that the website is not there anymore.

Fortunately, I found the project is still alive and is being developed by a group called Iridium Based. Have a link!

The game seems to be coming along, as it’s in the closed alpha stage with beta on the way.

I didn’t have high hopes for a real The World, and gave up when the old “CyberConnects” shut down or whatever, but the dream still lives.

[Project M] Project BEST version 3 is ready!

Yo, I freakin’ said not to download until I was done my update! I even made a note at the top of the page in big bold text saying a new version of the pack was coming… Yet I got like 14+ hits on the download link since my last post. What do you people think you’re doing?

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Science Fantasy MMOs: Star Wars and Phantasy Star

When you hear “MMORPG”, you’ll probably think of the fantasy genre first. The biggest and most famous ones are fantasy, after all. It sounds really obvious, but it was a thought I had, now while I’ve been playing two sci-fi/science fantasy MMORPGs: Star Wars: The Old Republic (which went Free-to-Play a while ago) and Phantasy Star Online 2 (also Free-to-Play).

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