GW2 New Player Tips Guide: Starting Out

PZZA on the rocks

If you’re here, then you probably know that the core game of Guild Wars 2 is now Free To Play (with restrictions, of course). If you’re one of the many new players coming into the game for the first time, F2P or no, then welcome! You might have a few questions, or a lot of questions, and you might also prefer text guides over videos (like me). So while this is coming sort of late, I’m making a short series of new players guides that will hopefully help you in your first forays into Tyria.

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Guild Wars 2 Options/Hotkeys: My setup and suggestions

Whenever I get into a game, I always check the options right away. Often, there are things that you KNOW that you’ll want turned on immediately, and graphics options should be fiddled with ASAP to get the best balance between graphics and performance. Guild Wars 2 is one such game that you should adjust the options for, and if you haven’t already, or if you’re new, or if you’ve been using mostly default settings, you should open up that Options menu and get started.

In this post, I’ll post pictures of my current set-up and suggestions/explanations/advice. Some of the settings (esp. Graphics and Controls) are personal preference, or dependent on your computer (Graphics) so please keep that in mind. ^^

Let’s begin!

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