[GW2] I’m Legendary!

So what have I been up to?

I’ve been busy crafting a Legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2: The sword, Bolt!

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Joining the Legendary Club is pretty much the biggest achievement of my Guild Wars 2 career. Legendary weapons have the same stats as Ascended weapons, but have the unique ability to change their stat sets at will. Crafting one is a lengthy journey that requires lots of time and lots of gold. Owning one is a status symbol thing.

I didn’t pray hard enough to RNGesus to give me a precursor drop, so I made my own luck.


$$$$$$$ daaayyuuumm $$$$$$$

The hardest part was buying the precursor, Zap. Hours and hours of Silverwastes chest farming and dungeon running.

I’d already done map completion back when the game came out. Back then I meticulously completed each map before moving onto the next because I knew I wanted to have 100% completion at some point, so might as well do it the first time so I didn’t have to come back later.

I’m thinking I probably won’t do another Legendary unless I get a random precursor drop, because the other Legendaries don’t really look cool to me.

But hey, do you think my Elementalist needs a Legendary too? I hope Heart of Thorns gives us some cool looking Legendary weapons and not just armour. I don’t really like the shooting rainbows thing that Bifrost has going on…

GW2 New Player Tips Guide: Starting Out

PZZA on the rocks

If you’re here, then you probably know that the core game of Guild Wars 2 is now Free To Play (with restrictions, of course). If you’re one of the many new players coming into the game for the first time, F2P or no, then welcome! You might have a few questions, or a lot of questions, and you might also prefer text guides over videos (like me). So while this is coming sort of late, I’m making a short series of new players guides that will hopefully help you in your first forays into Tyria.

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Update on the dotHack// fan MMO

A few years ago I wrote a post about my discovery of a fan-made .hack// MMORPG. However, if you tried the link today you would find that the website is not there anymore.

Fortunately, I found the project is still alive and is being developed by a group called Iridium Based. Have a link!

The game seems to be coming along, as it’s in the closed alpha stage with beta on the way.

I didn’t have high hopes for a real The World, and gave up when the old “CyberConnects” shut down or whatever, but the dream still lives.

Science Fantasy MMOs: Star Wars and Phantasy Star

When you hear “MMORPG”, you’ll probably think of the fantasy genre first. The biggest and most famous ones are fantasy, after all. It sounds really obvious, but it was a thought I had, now while I’ve been playing two sci-fi/science fantasy MMORPGs: Star Wars: The Old Republic (which went Free-to-Play a while ago) and Phantasy Star Online 2 (also Free-to-Play).

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