Project M 3.5 is released – ProjectBEST will be put on hold

Project M Version 3.5 is finally out, and it’s a huge update that includes balance changes, a ton of new costumes, and several new features you didn’t know you wanted.

With all these new changes, a lot of ProjectBEST’s components and mods probably won’t work properly. So, ProjectBEST for 3.5 will be put on hold until people/I start to figure things out. I’m not really a mod creator myself, you see, though I’ve made BRSTMs cuz that’s pretty straightforward.

Character skins will probably work, music will work, but stage skins might need some fixing up to be compatible. Melee SFX will most likely be broken.

Also, the stage select screen is completely changed and it looks sweet.

Check out the trailer:

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July 14 2014 ProjectBEST mini update

I’ve released a mini update for the bestest custom Project M pack. Here’s the notes:

– Arena Ferox over Castle Siege
– Moonlit Blue skin for Final Destination
– Balanced Pokemon Stadium replaced with Pokemon Stadium 1 Redux (with Ground v2 and Electric transformations)
– Project M Boxing Ring updates the Boxing Ring stage

– Expressive Kirby! (Facial expressions for Kirby)
– Newer Sakuya skin for Sheik.

– New Bravely Default songs for Pokemon Stadium 2, Final Destination; PokeRap moved to Pokemon Stadium 1
– Id ~ Purpose from Fire Emblem Awakening for Arena Ferox

– Made a “Wifi-Safe” set, as requested. (Not actually Wifi Safe, but allows for saving of replays.)
– Made several images more pretty, both in-game and on the ProjectBEST page.
– Rearranged the Stage Select Screen a bit:


I did this partly because of the unofficial Summer Map Pack that was put out. I agree that Green Hill Zone is a better starter than Yoshi’s Story anyway. Also, Skyworld is not too popular compared with the other stages, so it got switched with Distant Planet (Castle Courtyard), which sees play in Doubles. Lastly, everyone hates (I hate) Skyloft, so it got moved to Page 2.

Grab the pack and get more details HERE!

[Project M] Project BEST version 3 is ready!

Yo, I freakin’ said not to download until I was done my update! I even made a note at the top of the page in big bold text saying a new version of the pack was coming… Yet I got like 14+ hits on the download link since my last post. What do you people think you’re doing?

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Welcome to Competitive Smash! You suck. (My first SmashBros tournament experience)

Yesterday, I went to my first Super Smash Bros (Project M) tournament with a bunch of friends. It was a fun experience, if you could call getting your butt handed to you like you’ve never had before fun, and I’d recommend it to any Smash player who’s even thinking of getting serious.

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Reuploaded the new ProjectBEST

If you downloaded ProjectBEST v2 soon after my announcement post on 3/4, you’ll need to redownload it cuz I oopsed. Sorry! The first upload causes crashing if you play as Ike and there were some things missing from the Random Stage Select screen.

Make sure you have the new FIXED version I uploaded today. Again, please enjoy ^^

Updated my Project M custom build

Looks like ProjectBEST turned out to be mildly popular! Well, I’ve made an update to the build that adds a bunch of cool new stuff, such as two new stages! Central Highway from Mega Man X/Mega Man Maverick Hunter X replaces Big Blue, and Venus Lighthouse from Golden Sun replaces Temple.

It’s all on the ProjectBEST page. Enjoy!

EDIT: Urp, I goofed on some things. Uploading a fixed version; new download link will be up tomorrow.

EDIT 2: All fixed! Download away~

Project BEST: My Custom Project M Build

Super Smash Bros and Project M fans, my customized Project M build, dubbed “Project BEST” is here and ready to share!

You can find it by clicking the new link at the top of the site, or by clicking the image below.

I worked really hard to make it the BEST! Enjoy! Please let me know what you think in the comments ^_^