Project M 3.5 is released – ProjectBEST will be put on hold

Project M Version 3.5 is finally out, and it’s a huge update that includes balance changes, a ton of new costumes, and several new features you didn’t know you wanted.

With all these new changes, a lot of ProjectBEST’s components and mods probably won’t work properly. So, ProjectBEST for 3.5 will be put on hold until people/I start to figure things out. I’m not really a mod creator myself, you see, though I’ve made BRSTMs cuz that’s pretty straightforward.

Character skins will probably work, music will work, but stage skins might need some fixing up to be compatible. Melee SFX will most likely be broken.

Also, the stage select screen is completely changed and it looks sweet.

Check out the trailer:

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